Sunday, March 6, 2011

p90x or px90 whatever....I'm in

Well, partially....I'm giving it a go.  
I challenge anyone else... : )  You know I like to see if I can actually finish anything.
See, I have been having troubles with my right knee.  The running is making it worse.
So I have to do something...  When I look at my body, its ok.  But I want to be toned.  Yes, maybe I'm obsessed, but really?   I just want to put on a pair of shorts and not have to adjust the "spread" when I sit down.  I want to be able to see a side shot of my arms and not wince in a sundress.
I just took before pictures and I can't even look at them.  I have photo issues.
this is the only one we will refer to.
don't ask me about my shorts...wide ass shorts?
I don't know.  I'm old and not attractive.
remember, not that I am making excuses, but I am only 5' tall.
Hobbit material.
here is what I see,
ass...needs work. hips...curvy
arms?  what is that?
new tattoos to cover up some of those old ones?
and maybe a tan wouldn't hurt (I don't tan)

well, there you have day 2 of the program.
Day one was pullups and pushups, cant do a single pullup!!!! I literally just hung from the bar like a baby monkey, grunting and groaning.  Then this morning my armpits hurt like I had been walking on my hands for a month!
Today was plyometrics.  "jump Training"  
I'll just tell ya now...NOT A FAN!!!!
I did it.  Now I'm going grocery shopping for shitloads of vegetarian protein....and beer, because Lent is coming up, and I usually quit for Lent....which means I gotta get drinking!
let me know if anyone else wants to do this with me


Lapetitemort said...

Woman, your arms are amazing!
I can't do a pull up either. I tried last weekend when I went to the gym. I have no doubt you will do it. You finish everything!!!
I'm actually going to put my gym membership on freeze for one month until we get another mode of transportation or I can work my lame, tired ass up to adding walking to the gym and back home + the workout to the end of my day. I'd rather come home and do weights and call it a day right now.
Do they have it to download for free or anything?

S.T.M. said...

This is completely unfair. I know you work a million times harder than me, but really did you have to post a pic-and then COMPLAIN ABOUT IT?! I would kill for a body like that.
You should start your own workout program and sell it.

Maybe I'd start the P90X after the freaking 5k, 100 pushups and 200 sit ups are done. Oy!

one of many said...

Looks fine to me. I don't see dimples or sag. Your beautiful.

Douglas said...

It seems like you are obsessed