Thursday, March 31, 2011

PB&J cupcakes...

Today we made cupcakes.  Well, actually I made the cupcakes yesterday and frosted them today.
I had this box of Betty Crocker $.88 white cake mix in the cupboard and wanted to use it.
We decided on Peanut butter, because I LOOOOVE peanut butter
I added about 3/4 of Peanut butter to the mix and only 1/4 of the oil.  I just winged it.
It gave the white cake a light peanut butter flavor.

After the cupcakes cooked and cooled I filled them with a pastry bag and good ol' concord grape jelly.

Then the magic happens
we made a lighter peanut butter frosting by using 1/2 C. cream cheese, 1 C. Peanut butter, powdered sugar, and some half and half.  whipped it all up until it tasted good and had a nice consistency.  I really didn't measure, because that is how I roll.   Once it looked good , I whipped in some Cool Whip, because everything in better with Cool Whip.

Enjoy!!! yummmy