Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Px90 update and stuff

Today is day 4 of Px90.  It was Yoga day, but I opted to do ab ripper instead.  Just so you know, people I have talked to complain about the ab ripper, but Jackie Warners core workout is way better than the px90.  I was disappointed.  I did it anyway, and will try to run today if it stops snowing.
Ms. Betty Rocker has me on a diet of more protein and eating more so we will see how that pans out for me.  I felt stuffed after yesterdays lunch, but she swears I need to eat more to lose, and because her body is smokin'   I believe her.
I am still really sore.  Getting on and off the potty is killing my arms and my ass and isn't making me very happy.  

I wanted to tell you guys about a few cool things I got the other day.
C Booth Derma 36 Oxygen rejuvenating skin resurfacing.
I got it at Ulta, on sale for 9$
My 40 year old skin has been looking dull and because I bathe so much (do to germs at work) I needed some help.
I tried this product and loved it.  My skin felt like a baby bottom!

I have also been using Almond Oil on my face and neck (and legs) after bathing.
I have super sensitive red head skin which is prone to weird scaly breakouts if I use soap....or wash too much.  They aren't really pimples but just where my skin peels off in little spots and leaves a pretty red spot.  Sometimes there is a zit, but mostly weirdness.
Anyway, I have been putting a few drops of almond oil in my palm and rubbing it into my face after I shower.  It soaks right in and my skin has been looking great.
I have also heard Jojoba oil is good too.

I don't use castor oil, it's too heavy for my skin....
When I wash my face I use Dr. Bronner's all natural Castile liquid soap.  It's cheap, you can get it in the travel isle at Target for 1.39$.

Last but not least...Lent starts tomorrow.
Once again I will be giving up my precious alcohol, which sucks because St. Paddy's day is next week.
I'm guessing between Px90 and no alcohol I should be a completely different person in 30 days.

What are you doing do get ready for summer?

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