Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sex is Laundry

I've been watching this show called  "Satisfaction" on netflix.  Its from Australia....about a high end brothel.
Yes, I realize it is fiction but yet I find it fascinating.  The separation of love and work;
work and intimacy.  It is a mystery to me.
As young girls we are taught sex is only ok if "Married" (which is hardly feasible nowadays) or the man truly "loves you" (which also may be a bit unrealistic in all circumstances).  It makes sex a sacred type thing.  Sacred, yet we all know sex is a viable part of our world, one not to be reckoned with.  A need of sorts to function in daily life.
I believe woman search for Love within sex and men search for sex within sex, the latter making more sense, no?  We hope for intimacy, they hope for blowjobs.  Oddly weird combo when really thought out.  
Then...once the man find the perfect match of blowjobs and laundry he pees on the hypothetical fence surrounding this mystical gal and no one is allowed near.
found on:    geekologie

Men separate love and sex easily making the availability of sex expanded. 
Woman separate laundry easily...dirty, dirty laundry which makes expansion in the realm of sex a bit stifled.

Work is work,
sex is sex,
intimacy is intimacy,
laundry is laundy.

Seems like it would make for a better life.
just a thought.


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Bobby S said...

I watched a bit of Satisfaction on NZ TV and isn't it fascinating, the way they reveal the insides of a generally taboo industry.