Wednesday, April 13, 2011

365 days of my life ....exhausted

Sleep never comes easy for me.  My mind races like I'm racing in a Nascar.  It makes me miserable.  So much so that my teen has started asking, as a daily gauge, "How'd ya sleep?"
That way he knows if he should actually talk to me or just run and hide.
I believe the racing of the mind may be the worst.  Maybe you have experienced such a thing.  As my tired brain, encased inside my sleepy head hits the pillow I start thinking of working out....the stuff I didn't do.... the art project I want to do...the junk cabinet that needs cleaned out.  Did anyone feed the cat, who moved out of the house into the neighbor's front yard since it stopped snowing?   Is the pipe still leaking?  Man, I hate cooking dinner.  What if someone dies on my shift?  Why is Olive so mean all the time.  How much longer til Easter when I can have a cocktail?  I wish the dog would quit licking it's balls, I  hate that smacky sound.  damnit to hell I'm tired!

You know the usual stuff.
I want to sleep.  Sleep like Bobby does, not a movement all night.  He can sleep right through the smoke detector alarm right above our bed.

is there any cure for this?
I'm so tired, and I can feel myself aging every night I only sleep 4 hours.


Lapetitemort said...

I feel your pain, but I'm mean. I've started doing things to Sam to make his sleep not as comfortable, or try to wake him "inadvertently" just because I'm mad that he sleeps like the dead and I can't.

Try pinching his nose, putting a pillow over his face and saying "Go to Jesus"... fun little games like that to amuse yourself while he sleeps like a brick...

k said...

No cure -think it is hereditary.. I have been up the past week until a couple of hours before I need to go to work!