Monday, April 25, 2011

Conversation with teen son

In kid's room, pilfering with stuff, while he is looking at Pokemon cards...
find a cute lil drawing in a ziplock bag that says, "defense spork"
"hahaha, that's funny, who is this from?"
A girl in Orchestra...
"Do you like her?"
no, not really
"uhhhhh, do you just not like her?  or do you not like ....girls ...girls in general"


"I mean, I don't care, you know me, I just find it easier to adjust my conversation if I know if the conversation is a mute point or not"
I look over, he's laughing quietly....
yeah, Mom, I like girls...just not any at my school.
as I walk out of the room I say,
"cool, whatever, I don't care, if you decide you like boys let me know...just for conversation sake." 
He's chuckling, sure mom, will do.  

now take the garbage out.

1 comment:

Gee said...

This is THE most hilarious conversation I've ever read. I think you came out of that one with your head held high. I love the defence spork idea as well.