Wednesday, April 27, 2011

grocery store shananigans

So, I have a coupon for General Mills cereal.
I reach down to get the box, pull it out, and they ALL come tumbling out. like they were trying to make a great escape.
grrrrrrrrrrrr.  I throw my box into the cart, grumble, growl, cuss under my breath and start re-stacking them like some lone stock boy.
I see some wheels out of the corner of my eye and hear this lady say towards me in a quiet voice, "If that was me, I would just leave them."
I started laughing...looked up and said,
"I might have done that if you hadn't been coming down the aisle."
She said," I will gladly glance the other way".

Now that is a way to help a sister out, wouldn't you agree?

ps I picked them up...just so you know.


Joe's blog said...

I'm back since midnight, european time :-)
Unfortunately I had no time for drawing but I made thousands of photos and enjoyed the laziness :-)))
I didn't know that Colorado is so boring, what I heard about it is that there's a lot of wonderful nature. Italy was wonderful, as always...

Douglas said...

You can totally tell where it was restacked