Monday, April 4, 2011

leaky tub=hole in ceiling

If it's not one thing its another.
The tub was leaking, which meant it went into the floor and traveled to the ceiling underneath which traveled to the floor hole

Whatever, I have told myself I am not going to stress over things I can't control. 
So I called the plumber, Mike's Plumbing.
He came, he saw, he shook his head, he fixed....
and no plumber crack
(which was a bummer because he was quite easy on the eyes.)

now I have to fix the hole.
I want a new bathroom, but not really feasible right now.

Things happen, and if you think they don't you live in a fantasy world of unicorns and fairy dust.
This is minor compared to most.

finished a knitting project
working on a knitting thing for a dear (wink wink) friend
Start training at a new location in the hospital Wed.  (Telemetry!)
Start phase 2 of P90x  (and no...i see no change in my body, except that i'm a bit firmer)
Kids are back to school (thank god)

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Lapetitemort said...

Hey! What are you doing in my downstairs bathroom?!
j/k.... ;)

Oh we share the plumbing drama.

Good luck with the new training! Exciting!