Wednesday, May 25, 2011

busy busy busy

I have been getting stuff done!...well, starting stuff, because that is my Forte!
The roof is leaking, straight down to the basement, pretty awesome huh?  and the 50 year old carpet smells like 70 cats...or maybe like one of those Hoarding episodes.
I called the insurance, they are giving me the run around.  Bobby said he doesn't have time because he is at work,although he apparently has time to email and be home by 320?  whatever.  So I did it.  I called a roofer/hail damage person and they are coming out to assess the damages.  Good Job, Myssi.  The lady said to leave the carpet it may be included in the cost.
Got the dog to the vet.  Vet said he is a bit Girthy.  I told her I was pretty sure it was just his winter layer...but now he is on a diet.  Poor guy.
found all the parts for my bathroom in our bedroom which is caving in, so now I can call the guy and get that started.  A friend and I are going to attempt tiling on our own, since Bobby said no, he will not tile, that is a job for professionals.  Hell, I've watched the home improvement channels, those morons slap up tile in a few hours...I'm pretty sure I can do it.
Hung some pictures that have been waiting for 2 years to get hung.  Hey, they look nice.
I worked out, new Jillian Michaels DVD
now I have to go get the monster from school...last day ya know.  the day hell begins...but I'm gonna roll with it, because I'm gonna be really busy.
Oh yeah...I'm gonna get a new car.  I'm selling the Kia Sedona (mini van) for this little cutie:
it gets 40mpg.  
and I've heard it can do the Tokyo Drift....although I may need to practice that move a bit. has light up cup holders and a moon roof.
it makes me happy, because we don't all fit in it.
but I don't was either this or an Escalade (hahaha)
you know what else...? I bet those little tires will only cost about 3$ when it's time to replace them.


k said...

Elaine - who is 65 does most of her own home improvements. Flooring, plumbing - even sets toilets. So I am sure you can do it. Hell with men - useless creatures!!1

Douglas said...

Love the car. You sure have earned it ten times over. I slated my dining room. It's not that tough.

Gift-online infor said...

K please we still need men in our lives and besides i agree completely that you deserves the car and beautifuly