Monday, May 23, 2011

Denver saw the Rapture and U2 ....

 was leading the way.
After 3 long nights and very little sleep I headed down to Invesco field with my sister, ,from MI, Auntie, and nieces...
just so you know, our seats were NOT where this video was filmed...but up in the nose bleeds, but well worth it.  It also appeared that everyone in Denver was there.
It was a sweet show and sounded great, if you are a U2 fan this is a great video from that night.  long but good...scroll down to see where we sat.

We were about here:
this is daylight

Holy cow, it was like I was in an MTV video
( an intimate night with U2...and 70,000 peeps)

I'm not big on huge concerts like this and it really ties my asshole into a knot when I think about how much $$$ he was making off each ticket...but I've heard he gives a shitload back to Amnesty international
so, with that said I actually had a grand time, not a bad seat in the house.
Now Im actually off for  a few days,
get to deal with laundry, groceries and the leak in the roof from the Rapture.

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