Friday, May 6, 2011


27 days of bleeding...tell me any normal person could withstand the torment.  I don't mind blood, its the time it takes to take care of it.
The Dr. even said, "wow, has it been like this the entire time?"
A battery of test and no answers.  Lab today, pelvic ultra sounds on Tuesday....
they worst part is you just have to keep going on.

I'm cranky and trying to hide it is getting harder.
I'm gardening a lil bit at a time.  2 pots here, a few more additions to my beer bottle garden bed, back and forth and everything still looks so incomplete.

I wish I had a better eye for that stuff.
im gonna nap...
then pretend I didn't for when everyone comes home.

write ya later


Queen of the Trailer Park said...

Sorry that you are going thru this :(
My sister in law is going thru a very similar issue with the same "no result" result...
I'm thinking about you, if there is anything you need, let me know

Artemis J said...

I am not sure if you mean menstrual bleeding, like I missed an older post or something.

I had an issue a while back and it was a combo of the meds (we think) I was taking and well as having thyroid issues. If you have not had that checked - go for it. Thyroid issues will cause all sorts of problems like that.

I was super tired all the time as well.