Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Need vs Want with a teen.

"I need a phone..."
What for, Ilin...you have no friends and you never talk on the phone.
"Well, I would if I had one."
NOOOOOO, what you mean is you would play Angry Birds on the phone.  You don't really need a phone.
"Well, Dad said he's getting me one"

Of course he did...BECAUSE!!!!....2 months ago when I asked him if he would get Ilin a phone he said ," I'm not getting him a phone just because you guys have decided to get rid of your land lines"  
ok then...
So, I dwelled on it. I decided if Ilin gets the Youth Corp job I would get him a phone for graduating 8th grade and getting his first job.  I would add him onto my plan...give him a low end phone and see how he does.  I let his father know this was my plan....secret.

Yesterday at dinner he says, "Dad's getting me a DROID"  (as he was giving me that angry 14 year old look)  
what?  what did you just say?  
"I saaaaiiiiddddd, Dad is getting me a Droid.  He's knows of this plan where its just 25$ a month and he said you guys can split it."  
I calmly sat my fork down and readjusted my head from spinning around backwards.
that fucker....
(I didn't say that)
Ilin, what do you need a 250$ phone for?  
"so, I can call people"
jeesus christ.  This is coming from a kid who won't even leave the house to walk down the street to see a friend....really...to call people....?
No you are not...I SAID, you would be getting a small non fancy phone to prove you are responsible enough to have a phone, then we will talk about it....plus I'm not splitting anything...Actually, if he wants to take the responsibility he can do the entire thing.
"Fine...I'm gonna tell him that"
Arrrrrghghghghg, you lil shit.

he put his dishes in the dishwasher and went to email his dad.
Now, once again, I look like the jackass.  damnit.  
But I don't have a DROID...why does he get a Droid?  He can barely change his underwear without prompting....

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Ursula Penbroke said...

Hi, LOVED your post. I'm going through the same thing with my children and x-hubby. We are arguing over vehicles and gaming systems. Ugh! (((hugs))) and know you are not alone or the jackass.