Wednesday, May 11, 2011

RE upholstery: update of a semi mess

Well, Like I said, "It's not gonna reupholster itself, no matter how long I stand there looking at it."


   Arms are on....and all I could thing was, "Jeessus, this basement smells like the ass end of a garbage truck toting used litter boxes."

Pinning everything together to see if it is even going to start to fit together....hmmm?
(thank goodness I saved all the pieces)

Am I going to have to "ease" this in?  How hard and tortuous is that going to be?
This is too much.
Then I step back.....

Holy macaroni!
Kind of a busy pattern...gonna have to make a throw pillow to break that business up!
I have not started even looking at pulling it tight and stapling.  That is scaring me just typing it.
Bobby said, "Are we going to be able to sit in it when it's done...or is it just for looking?"
How would I know?  I am assuming we will sit in it....
But I have been wrong before.

Well, I am happy it looks like I am at least attempting to do it.  Remember it still has legs that go on it and...well, honestly I still have a looooong way to go.

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Artemis J said...

Brave, brave girl. I have a fainting couch in need of reupholstering (is that spelled correctly?). It's looking at me too. Well done, lady.