Wednesday, May 4, 2011

White is not the new Black...or Brown

I feel like this, take it for whatever you think.
Looks cozy huh?
I woke up early after a night of crazy dreams and thoughts.
I have been watching Sons Of Anarchy on netflix and it gives me stress.
Seems odd when I think of it, considering I did my punk rock years growing up around skinheads, bikers and many fist fights.
That must be the only reason I can't handle even watching them on TV anymore.  Because I know when that fist hits the jaw, people don't just fall over, they see dancing bears on unicycles and sometimes don't rise very quickly.
Seeing all the Aryan Nation stuff on the show reminds of my college days in Gainesville.
Something many people would not even fathom.
In Fl. the Aryan Nation is quite a recruiting team.  You know, the Army, Airforce, Marines, then the Young Nationals.  
Nice white shirts, suspenders, shiny boots and that great 9th grade education.
(they like to keep the lower end dumb)
Often mistaken for Mormons or boyscouts.
I was never afraid, although maybe I should have been.
They ran in my circle of people, I knew them, drank beer with them, went to shows with them...they seemed fine to me...
until they started spouting off their pea brained ideas.  But if it was just to see a Bad Brains show, they were the ones to go with.
People moved out of the way, you always got front and center, and they actually treated the girls with respect.
They don't always come looking like this:

pretty easy to see and avoid...

because sometimes they look like this:
and the one above usually has a family attached to it.
An often normal looking family unless you see the dad in his swimtrunks and can see the markings.

So, what I'm saying is...back to the point.
Sons of Anarchy gives me nightmares, because I remember living around it.
Maybe its what shaped my "be open to all"
atitude now.
Maybe this is also why I don't think an eye for an eye is the right thing in all events.
People have the right to their own ideas and beliefs in America....
From Left to Right, gay to straight, white to black, and yellow to brown.
That is why people come here.
we can't just live in fear of the person sitting next to us on the plane...
There are different beliefs all around us, in each and every state and country.
I'm not saying : if you can't beat them join them....
I'm saying :
Be the change you want to see.
Mingle, discuss intelligently, listen with open ears, and do the right thing.
Everyone deserves an opinion and a voice, even if it is stupid...(you know what I mean)

and don't watch Son's of Anarchy before bed
 write ya later


Babsywabsy said...

Well said my girl

k said...

I do not get angry enough to want to sucker punch anyone, but when I am near or hear a skinhead or any other bigoted person I want to sucker punch them. My mother was 100% German - blue eyes and all, my father 100% Mexican, very browned skin. My mother also married a man whose mother was 100% Irish and his father was Jewish. They produced all of my brothers. We were raised surrounded by people most others would have been lucky to be around. Not to be funny, but not just a variety of color, but physically different. Not one of us has any problem being in a room or on a plane with someone who is not "100% perfect" in the aryan sense. I can NOT tolerate anyone including friends who call people names or foward emails with so called jokes about Muslims or blacks
( hillbillys are ok)! Sorry, I just can't.

v8grrl said...

I would like to note that We are also 92% Hillbilly...and we know we are backwoods at times hahaha
Remember the Ozarks and Mom's stint at Hillbillydom

Artemis J said...

I have not seen the show. I had no desire to really - and now I am definitely not watching it.

When you shut yourself off from other people, it's got to be a lonely place. The world is full of variety. It's not like you can ever be in a place that has zero ethnic culture.

Anyway, sorry about the bad dreams. Nazis are scary for sure.

Shannon said...

Very interesting and thoughtful post. Thanks

S.T.M. said...

Amen! As usual.