Monday, June 6, 2011


I've been in Ventura and around and about in Cali at the Indie West Fest
saw a bunch of bands that were so much fun and really good.
1. Electric Sister
2. the Ettes
3. Redd Kross
4. the growlers (so good)
5.Old Man Markley

I'll post pics and music later.
the vacation...not much of one, but I'll tell you all about it after I mow the lawn


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Anonymous said...


Dear Artists, Booking Agents and Mangers,

I wanted to personally thank you for your participation in the 2011 Indie West Fest. It's with a heavy heart that I must tell you that based on the dismal walk up sales at the gate Indie West Productions is financially bankrupt. I put every nickel I had and beyond into this festival with the belief that this music event and the attendance would be unbelievable. The press was amazing...the response on the internet amazing. Ultimately with only 88 walk-up sales at the gate, over 400 non-paying band guest's list/VIP and sponsors that didn't pay and pulled out at the eleventh hour. Indie West Productions is close to $100,000 dollars in the negative. It is out of great respect that I am sending you this email to tell you the checks written and any pending checks will not be able to be paid out. There's is literally no money. I am devastated and can't believe this happened. I wanted this event to one day to be as great as for Indie Musicians and their fans. I am also a musician and not to be paid for a performance is absolutely the worst. I know you all will be very angry and I don't blame you. I ask at this point that maybe you will be able to forgive me for believing that ticket sales at the very least would cover the performances and it just didn't happen. I am still in total disbelief. I am so sorry.


Michael Jones