Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bad Camera Setting, bummer

Ok OK   It's nothing like going on a mini vacation, taking 200 pictures then realizing the aperture is screwed up.   I should have left the lens cap on, then at least I wouldn't have "kind of" seen the pics.
We stayed in a tiny little hotel in Camarillo, when I woke up in the morning this is what was parked next to us. 

 I wanted to see it do that Hoppy thing but the owners didn't seem like the type to turn on the Hydraulics for some out of state redhead.  Also, Bobby said he needed coffee before dealing with I,let it go.
I went to the Thousand Oaks Botanical Walk

Went to Indie West Fest...and saw lots of naturalized forms of the natives

The best part was the Santa Monica Pier, because there was nothing stressful or "things" we needed to do.

I still didn't get to go to Ikea, because Bobby kept saying it was at least 2 hours from where we were...THEN some nice girl said to me, "you's only about 30 minutes away?"  I could have killed him, but because I was on vacation and it was his little shindig, I let it slide....One more year without Ikea won't kill me.

Most of the pictures were at a poor setting so nothing came out...that and I looked fat.  
So I'll see if I can edit them and show some.
I really must learn to use my camera

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Lapetitemort said...

Aaaah, butt crack. =)

LOVE that car!! Is it sad that that is what I remember cars when I was a kidling looking like?

You know they have that Ikea down by Park Meadows Mall now?