Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dreamy, dream, dream...and one nightmare

I had been working on making the deck enjoyable for my summer of relaxing.  I came home from the store the other day and here is what I saw:
My worst Nightmare!!!!
He said it needed re done.  Grrrrr...
ok so scenario:  
The roof needs redone, the bathroom needs redone and now the porch ....needs redone.  I cant step out my backdoor without breaking an ankle.
I have moved everything out front.  made a sitting are in the front, but its not the same.  *pout pout*
As much as I love projects I equally hate them.  It puts my mind at unease....which does not allow me to sleep.   It makes me curl up and wait.
We are applying for a home equity loan so that we can maybe get all this done at once.
Then let me tell you what else needs done.
The carpet in the basement needs pulled up then the floor scrubbed and sealed
the living room painted and new furniture.

In the mean time...I'm gonna go out and sit and read and not think about it.
We go to Fl in 2 weeks.
I'm gonna think about that...
and about the dream I had last night where Justin Timberlake loved me.
In my dream I had hoped it was SNL BeeGees Justin,
but it was this one

I'll Settle.

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