Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Never give up...or forget

You see, I have been applying on and off for new jobs.  Not because I don't like my job quite the opposite.  I am grateful to my co workers and the job itself...I have learned alot!
Point being...I want to learn more, so I have randomly been applying for jobs at other facilities.  then I forget about it.
Well, low and behold...last week I had an interview.  This time I was determined to not flub the :
" What do you do when you have a problem with a co-worker?" question.
and to answer, without laughing:
..."what is your weak point?"
I practiced in the car.  I spoke out loud.  
The interview only had a few quiet times and I felt ok, but didn't put much stock into it.
Went home, cracked open a beer, yelled at the know a normal day...and forgot about it...didn't even tell anyone.
Then a few weeks or so later I got the call:
"We would like to offer you the telemetry job"

Total panic set in.  I freaked, I kept quiet, didn't tell Bobby.  Called back and asked about the benefits.  I asked what the pay was.  I did the math and made a check list.

Things happen for a reason. 
Would I have rather transferred within my own hospital to the department I want to learn?  Yes...but they wouldn't transfer me or give the chance to learn something new.

I had to change, life is change.  I vowed to keep my doors open.  I start July 25th

What I want to remind people  is if you crave change just keep trying.  Reformat and try again...and don't forget when you have applied for a may just get it.


Lapetitemort said...

Way to GO!!


Shannon said...

Terrific news, you are inspiring!

S.T.M. said...


Douglas said...

congratulations on your first day of work!

Kate Wilson! said...

I forget change can be the best thing. Thank you.
and Congrats!

Elizabeth said...

This made me smile. I am in the process of applying for a new job (w/in my facility) after 27in the ED.