Thursday, July 28, 2011

friends whatever

You now what sucks the big one?
I'll tell, let me give it to you without the fancy packaging.
FRIENDS...or the so called...i guess it would be better to call them pass throughs.
It's the leave the job, or whatever, and then you are the outcast.  
It's not just job, it's in general.  As you know I have some pretty dear friends.  As you get older friends are harder and harder to come by.  
I, personally, take my friendships extremely seriously.  I'm guessing that is why I only have a few.  If something happens, you can count on me...but on the other hand...I'm not gonna think 3 times about you if you are a fair weather friend.
(notice how I said 3...I'm a bit slow)

frienships are harder than love relationships because they are harder to let go.  I'm the type that just has to cut it loose because I know in my heart I am the one that cares more, so it is easier to just forget about it than to keep dragging it a bad hang nail
back to the subject:
I left my place of employment where I met some great people.
it bums me out that I know in my head I will never really see them and again and they could give a shit less.
(insecurity at its finest)
It sucks that you can't put an ad out for new friends, because I have a ton to offer.
cool milf friend who likes to drink microbrews, knit, run, hang out and just chit chat 1-2 times a week.  preferably has kids, is not "religious" and willing to start at 7 am or any given time. 
must be flexible.
must have a sense of humor...
a real sense of humor....
and willing to try new things.
please email asap

well...there you have can tell I'm in a transition.  I'm sure its my fault or my shitty attitude, but that should be a plus.

ps new job is going good...people are nice, willing to teach, and its been ok.
imagine that?


Queen of the Trailer Park said...

We live too friggin far apart!!!! Where are we are we meeting on vacation next year?!

I know how you feel, it sucks when you leave a work place, but at least you are in a new place, with new friends to go get'em!!!!

Lapetitemort said...

I completely understand. I worked with my previous folks for 20 years. I mean I pretty much grew up with them. Now, I can't even get an email answered.

Sent you my # so call or text or email & we can figure out some sort of meet up time woman!!

Sissy said...

I hope that post doesn't include me! I know we haven't talked as much lately but please don't think that means I don't care! Geez criminy. I'm your Sissy!!

S.T.M. said...

Oh, pick me, pick me! I want to be the friend!