Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Dana D....old lady

My first day of work in Boulder Colorado I had to call in sick because I was puking and crying on the way to work.  All I could think was that this lady gave me a job, knew nothing about me, and here I am snot and puke out the car door begging it to go away.  My boyfriend at the time called in, "She's really sick, and she really wants to come in but she looks awful".
They granted me the day off. Maybe they thought I wouldn't come back.  
I went back and that began my life at the Walnut Cafe, with my first away from home family I ever had.  And boy howdy, were we a family, bitchiness and all.  
My bosses were slave drivers...I swear to god.  I can't tell you how many times I heard,
"Oh you crybaby, put your big girl panties on and suck it up...."  
Then 2 hours later, "Come on Red, have a piece of Pie with me"
How many tearful events in the back thinking I can't work another day? Then back I go, smile and do it...and actually love it after the fact.
How many margarita bitch sessions were held at Casa Alvarez?  Too many to count.
She was there for the birth of my son, right there with the rest of my family (walnut cafe)...rooting me on...then quietly telling after all was said and done, "Man, I ain't NEVER having a baby...that was crazy!" 
She found me a sitter, so I could come back to work and not worry about it...and if I remember correctly she even paid her, so I wouldn't freak out, because I tend to freak out.
For that, I was forever grateful. 
One time I asked her how the Walnut happened...She said she was all ready working, might as well own the place...she told me she was gonna be a millionaire in time to enjoy it...saved her money, borrowed a bit...and worked her ass off, and if you have seen her you know she has no ass...Now, I'm not saying she is a millionaire, but I know for a fact she is a millionaire in heart felt love and compassion ( and probably not hurting for dough, either.)

She is an amazing woman, More than our community could ever know.  She takes things in stride, doesn't gloat, and piles it on.  She is there when you need it a kidney, money for a fund raiser or even a few kind words. She is a friend above friends.  
She has made our community see equal rights aren't just for big city crazy gays ( I love you)...It's for all of us...right here, who serve you breakfast every morning.  She made it a safe place to show your love in any old direction.  She makes people realize love is love...and you can't deny love, especially with pie and Dana, in all her glory, shoving it in your face for a dollar a slice....while you wait for a table.

Today is her Birthday...
Her half a century
and man D...
My life would have been so different without you.
I am so thankful...
for you
amazing you

I know for a fact she IS enjoying when you see her out surfing, riding, scootering,snowboarding, hiking,...whatever,
give her the the thumbs up.
and be thankful she is on humanity's side.


one of many said...

Awww...that was so sweet. Dana is so lucky to have a friend in you andy you in her. Cheers Dana! Happy B-day!

alliE said...

That was super sweet and made me cry! And I'm a toughie to make shed a tear but I second that!!

Dana D Derichsweiler said... sweet, I love you more than ice cream and I'm not fucking around I really do. We were have both been lucky to have our paths runing in the same direction. Mad love, mad mad love for you.

Dana D Derichsweiler said...
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Dana D Derichsweiler said...
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