Sunday, July 31, 2011

new job tonight

Tonight I head to my new employment.  
I will be training with someone I have never met, on a floor I've never been to, and with people I don't know.  I don't even know where the bathroom is.  I have had to take an EKG test, which went ok...and now a BKAT which is a basic nursing test which I can't remember anything on.
I will be learning new things which I wasn't worried about until today.  I printed a common drug list for the cardiac drugs and I am reviewing my emergency drugs.  It's like going back to school.  I am hoping and praying they don't think I'm an idiot.  Which, honestly, right now I am feeling like one.  I hope that I haven't made the wrong decision.  Leaving the comfort of my other floor where I knew something and knew the people for unknown territory.  I keep hearing Liz's voice , "you will be back."  Was it a premonition or just a snarky remark to send me off.
When I left my job I always thought there would be an email of thanks or a party or something.  6 years of my life, and i just walked off the floor at the end of my shift and no one said a word except for one older nurse who said she was sad I was leaving.  
My schedule for the next few days is a bit hectic.  They scheduled me every other night which would kill the normal person, but I'm going to suck it up and just go for it.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me.
write ya later,


Eliz said...

Myssi I'm sorry I wasn't more supportive. I really am happy and excited for you and proud of you and more than anything hope you love it there. I said you'd be back because that's probably what I was wishing selfishly. Don't want to see you go! Also seems like everyone who leaves always comes back. Hope last night was good. They will love you there! Stay positive. Love ya.

Lapetitemort said...

You'll do great! You are smart, strong and just all around awesome.
But just to say it, Good Luck!!