Sunday, July 24, 2011

reboot day 1.5

first juicing experience was, let's just say...earthy.  I kind of went overboard:
5 kale leaves,
1 red beet
4 stalks of celery
Whole lemon (not a good idea)
3 carrots
3 granny smith apples
it made enough for Bobby and I (2 pints) smelled like earth and tasted like the wet lawn...but we drank it.  Bobby chugged his.  I slowly drank mine then added a bit of ice and choked down the rest.
I had 62 oz of water in the next 3 hours.
I noticed the mental hunger pains right away.  We were at the pool and I started thinking about the nachos they were eating from the concession  oooey gooey disgusting nachos that I would NEVER think of eating.
It got so bad, every time a person with a distinct Nationality walked by I would think :
mmmm I could eat some sushi
yummy I could eat some burritos
ooooh yeah, babaganoush
that was pretty bad.
the meal plan for the reboot has you eat one raw meal, so last night I had all raw veggie salad with broccoli slaw (which comes prepared dressing just julianned veggies) i added fresh yellow pole beans, 1 tomato and a splash of apple cider and mustard...shook it up, a few squirts of hot-sauce...done  (just typing hot sauce makes me hungry).
Bobby, on the other hand apparently snuck in and had a tuna sandwich on white bread...oh well.
This morning I woke up, not hungry really, still haven't pooped, but I don't have a headache or anything like they said I might.
for breakfast i had:
3 stalks celery
3 carrots
1 granny smith
1 red delish
it was quite yummy

I have many chores to do, including body maintenance ie: wax, paint, color
gonna try to stay busy enough to not think about it.

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