Monday, July 18, 2011

stupid stupid workouts

What happens when i stop working out?
Yes, I realize I am obsessed.  I like to pride myself in a non addictive personality.  When given the challenge I quit drinking.  Back in my twenties, I quit all drugs, cold turkey...cleaned up, because it was time.
I often stand in the mirror and look at myself, then I look around.  Usually there is no one in my bedroom so I take it to the street, in my mind.
( I do understand this may be offensive to some,'s my blog, get your own and pass judgement on me)
I meet naturally healthy people.  It's awesome.  Yet there is something that doesn't quite do it for me.  They often look strappy and thin, slightly withered and "unhealthy".  Too much vegan cheese?  I'm not sure.  I just can't be happy with it.
I look at people who at some point they have just stopped caring about size.  They seem happy.  I like it.  They have switched from bikini underwear to full bottoms....pants to skorts or better yet the smock.  Do their spouses look at them and wonder what happened?  Or is it such a slow progression that they don't notice?
I announced yesterday I am going to switch to smocks.  Where do I purchase one?  Bobby said, "No you won' would never allow yourself to wear a smock".
He's right.
I have noticed many men in their early 40's start really working out again.  Trying to recapture youth?  what do their wives think, "Fine, you run 100 miles I'll eat all these 100 calorie treats and we will see who wins."
who wins?
For me things happen quickly.
If I stop caring...I can tell.  ( right now I can't get a brush through my hair)
If I stop 3 weeks I can't run 3 miles. ( I blame it on my shoes)
If I stop working out at least 3 times a week, I can't breathe in the first 10 minutes of a workout. ( when this happens I grab a beer and sit down and watch)
Yesterday I started my p90x again.
I did legs and squats and pullups.
today I can't get up and down the stairs.
tonight I will run.

take it for what it is.
let me just add one more thing to this nothing post of what is on my mind
If my other half weighed more than 121 pounds, possibly my life would be different.
I can't stand when my underwear are bigger than his.
It makes me want to die.

next post: lack of


Jen said...

I stumbled upon your blog today, very well written! This entry made me laugh aloud, "I announced today I would switch to smocks". LOVE IT!!!

Bailey said...

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