Saturday, July 2, 2011

Vacation hate

My kids hate each other
It's so depressing
Just so that you don't assume that I'm actually enjoying myself on vacation
I'd thought I would let you know how much they hate each other
It has been non stop bickering. Today I left to the grocery for 18 minutes to pick up tampons and I came home to a 7 year old gloating on the couch, 14 year old crying on the porch and dad fuming , locked in the bedroom! Geez. I was gone 18 minutes
One kid got bit, one yelled at and the adult packing to leave

Can't say I blame him. It's nothing like being with kids that can't entertain them selves or be friendly. It's plain ol awful.
I decided to tell them they need to figure out the next 7 days quick or I swear I'm taking my bottle of cheap wine, my box of tampons, and I'm leaving . I'm now hiding on the porch with said items and my knitting... Waiting for results.


Erin said...

another reason for me to have just one. sorry.

Queen of the Trailer Park said...

I'll bring mine over and we can let the 2 younger ones wrestle while the big'ems talk pokemon, and the old folks get their drinks on...maybe I'll even throw my mom in there and she can referee : )

k said...

WHAT????? Hair??