Saturday, July 16, 2011

what I did today 365 days

Today Kids, Eddie and I went on a hike up at Lions Gulch Homestead, which was so beautiful.  It was a 6.2 mile hike we only made it 5.5 before it started storming.  It was worth it.  The kids helped each other and seemed to enjoy...and the dog has been sleeping since.
When I got home...there was action out the back door!
Apparently after the break down a few days ago of me weeping that my life is in disarray and I can't believe all the half done things around the house, Bobby decided to start the deck.
He wouldn't give me the price of the wood because he knew my asshole would tighten up so tight that the tears would be forced from my eyes just from the pressure...and it would appear to be a break down again.

 working on the right side
 No, it's not skeletor, its Bobby
 Ed enjoying the 3 feet of deck
much nicer...
He's so cute

We ran out of screws before I had enough planks put down to put my table on there
Bobby's back hurt and my feet hurt.
At least it's a start.
I won't break my leg when stepping out the back door when drunk.

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S.T.M. said...

Looks like our decks will be complete at the same time. We'll have to make plans to sit on them at the same time. Together, but separate.