Sunday, August 14, 2011

The deck is done!

It's done, let the "sitting" commence!
Well, it could use 1 more coat of stain, but I can do that easily.
The final cost, 1200$ about, including the stain which seemed to be the most expensive.
Now for the yard which has been terribly neglected.

 ooooh...lets get some stuff to put on it!
we removed the railings and benches so that we would have more room for seating and plants.  do you think I still have enough time to put some fresh plants out there?

I'm so glad its done...I would be sitting out there right now, except its sprinkling...of course.


Queen of the Trailer Park said...

Awesome job!!!! Now you just need a couple of chairs and something to hold your beers up :)

Lapetitemort said...

Awesome! It looks fantastic.
We were going to redo ours but here we are required to get permits including a plot plan with where the deck currently is, a plot plan of where it will be, architectural plans and materials list. Luckily, I can make the plans myself, but DAAAAAMMMNN?!
So, the kitchen got torn apart instead.

v8grrl said...

we should have gotten all that too...but we didn't. it's basically the same deck just better.

Lapetitemort said...

Ours is raised and freaking Aurora code enforcement drives through the neighborhoods daily.... bastards. There's no hiding it because ours in on our second floor and the only way to the backyard. =(