Saturday, August 13, 2011

Design inspiration?

Trying to get inspired.
I need big canvas paintings...
I guess I could paint that huh?
I think it brings a lot to the walls and room
 looks cozy...
Love it!
The mirror from the other post doesn't fit over my mantle.  grrrr
so now what?
Maybe when I get some more stuff in the room I can just lean it against a wall, but if I did that now it would look like I just left it sitting there.

So I've hung the white curtains and now they need hemmed, yet I don't really care for the whiteness.  Maybe I can put a sheer behind it?  It's the big corner window, which is on traverse rods.  Hmmmm

Here is my update for this weekend so far:
deck finished and stained,
curtains hung,
all rooms vacuumed (that sucked the life outta me)
now I'm on here trying to figure out what type of art to hang/paint

wish me luck.

1 comment:

Georgina Illingworth said...

Love the green room. One of my fave bloggers did a post on her canvas painting for her living room- in fact she does quite a few painting on canvas posts if you trawl her blog. Good Luck!