Thursday, August 11, 2011

Medication Error lesson.

My new job is going ok...just in case you were wondering.
Tonight is night 3 of 3, which is often easier because you usually have the same patients.  
I had my first real Medication Error last night.  OMG, you are thinking?   Well people, it happens, and I'm gonna tell you how.  It happens to all RNs at some point and it is scary but it makes us realize that we are human, and we MUST take our time when nursing.  Nothing is that rushed that we can't take our TIME!!!!  Let me preface this little lesson by saying it could have been a LOT worse.  I didn't kill anyone, thank god!  And it wasn't a drug which would have killed anyone in the dose I was giving it.

When I got on shift, my patient needed pain meds for a Femur surgery he had 3 days prior.  He was taking Percocet (aka Oxycodone with a bit of tylenol...aka Hillbilly heroin).  The nurse gave me the info in report that she had given 2 percocets at 500pm (my shift started at 7)  I was busy at the start of shift, I took my time and looked over the medication lists for all my patients and started my assessments.  I did my eval on the patient who needed pain meds and went to get his meds.  I pulled up the medication which he could have up to 2 pills evey 6 hours.  I  got the 2 pills and gave the patient the medications at 830 pm.   When I went to mark the medications off the list and verify that I had given them on the computer charting, it gave me a notification that the medications had all ready been pulled.   The previous nurse had not signed the order, which in return allowed me to give him the med again  :(
Basically the guy was double dosed.  Good news, he was huge, and that medication is often given to chronic pain patients every 3 hours.  Outcome? : patient slept like a rock, snoring like a champ...might I add Pain Free, all night long....and I learned to double check every thing, and then check again.
The living room is coming along nicely.  Walls are painted a Ginger Yellow, 1 set of white curtains hung, but still need hemmed.  One more set of curtains need pinned and hung then hemmed....then new furniture.  
We got a loan for the roof and the bathroom.  I have sent the check for the roof, so that is first.
I have fallen behind in my cash savings which freaks me out, but this next pay check (my first as a fulltime night RN) should help.

I was inspired by a couple of friends of facebook to start my running training again.
so 5k 4 days a week is on my list.
Anyone else want to train?
I did what I am now calling P35.5x 9  because I don't have time for 90 minutes of workouts.

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