Monday, August 22, 2011

spent some moolah...

I just couldnt take it anymore.  I needed to start fixing my living room!  
I went out and bought this couch set, minus the side chair.
*(that is not my living room)
It's semi modern looking, a neutral color...grey is neutral, right?
We hope it matches the green carpet and yellow walls.
The chair I have been recovering...well It better match too.  
I'm not super fond of the pillows, but I can recover those with some of the fabric from the chair.  I also had purchased 2 yellow pillows and some black and white graphic pillows to tie it all together
I'm still going to have to do something about the white curtains I bought.  I just dont like them...they need a sheer or something under them
I'll figure that out.

It was so hard to pick out a couch!   it took us about 2 .5 hours.  We looked at everything, took pictures, then went back and sat on them all.  We talked about dog hair and kids...and decided the kids need to sit on the floor and the dog needs to be locked up.

It will be delivered tomorrow.

Today I started my running again.  4 miles done
I ate a nice cup of greek yogurt with a spoon of organic peanut butter mixed in.
I'm going to head upstairs and make bread...
I wonder how that will work out.
I'll take some photos.

have a great day

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