Tuesday, August 16, 2011

upholstery hell

From the depths of the basement and Re-uphosltery hell, and just to say I can do it...
remember this post

It started like this purple mess, stained and ripped.
Then to my weary hands and eyes I continued on, hoping to one day complete the project.
When I started, Osama Bin Laden was still alive
Lord, I'm slow.
I'm still stapling and pulling and trying to figure it out.
I have decided that it can't look any worse than it did, and my new motto is why keep it if we aren't going to use it....
So, Fix the DAMN thing!
(or ditch it, it can't be any worse)

Here I'm stapling, just to hold something in place so that I may tug the other side.

from the front:  not too shabby, still a ton of stapling and fabric, and I'm not even showing you the back yet!!!!

upholstery hell, originally uploaded by v8grrl.

The side, which still needs the entire side done....but it's getting there.
This was time consuming, and daunting, but once I said, "screw it" ( so, not Miss Design Blogger) and started stapling it started moving faster.  
I probably could have bought a new chair for about 300$ from IKEA
but this will make me happier, knowing I can do it myself.
The cost:
fabric: 42$
Loss of confidence: ***
I'll keep ya posted.

Now you attempt it!

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Tiffany @ {Living Savvy} said...

Your fabric choice is awesome!! It will be done in no time! I felt the same way about 250 times during my project but asnsoon as I saw the floral fabric go on it was all worth it! Keep on trucking .. Can't wait to see the end result and your new living room furniture!

Tiffany {living savvy}