Wednesday, August 31, 2011

workout day!

I worked last night and have to work again tonight, but I managed to squeeze in some heavy lifting with the encouragement of Lepetite Jen

this is not Jen, but this is what she would do if she was here  :)

Here's what I did
 Jump squats no weights  3x12
 plie jump squats 10 #  3x12
Romanian dead lifts   12#  3x12  (wasn't real sure how to do these properly, even after video)
lying leg curls   35#   3x12
butt lift  5# each hip   2 minutes
planks   1 min x2

too hot to run for me   it's 95 out yuk!
I hope I can keep it up, because when I'm not working out I feel yukky.

gotta go to work, night 2 of 3