Saturday, September 24, 2011

YO...I'm not dead...just tired

I'm not dead, I have just been working a crazy schedule, along with dealing with the kids: Homecoming,book fairs, barely leaves any time for myself.
I started a little project, maybe even one I can finish.
It's going to be a Pixel Painting.
I had Bobby take this picture (I'm not going to say what it is) and Pixelate it in PS.
We Pixelated it down to about 8 shades of black,...ummmm you know, greys and such.
I am right now attempting to number them.

This is taking longer than expected due to drinking.  It is my day off and I like to live to the fullest on those days, so if I have to art it up while a bit tipsy I'll have to face the consequences right?
Once I get it all numbered in my 1" boxes I will start mixing the paint, then Off I will go!

Note to everyone, I have never painted this is a crap shoot. 

Here's a short real life story for you.
At work the other night, I cleaned up so much poop I thought I was working at the Zoo.
I had a lil ol lady who every time I stood her up to get on the potty it would just pour out, even through her depends.  (not so dependable in that moment).  At one point she asked what we did to her?  "why did you do this to me? in a thick Jewish accent)...You are a very bad person."  I gently explained to her, as I hopped from one Dansko to the other, it was the other nurse, NOT me.  I would never do this to anyone especially knowing I had to clean it up.
She realized I was right then said "You Poor Poor Child, why do you do this work?"
I replied, "Right now, I haven't a clue".
The splatter was amazing.  My CNA was growling and I was wishing I had on full terrorist gear.
After approximately 4 hours of water poop she a miracle of sorts.
This was only 1 of 5 of my patients and 4 of them were incontinent to stool as we say in the biz.
My night was long and stinky...
Finally the shift ended, and as I sat in my car, organizing myself for the drive home, I learned a valuable lesson.
Never use the Heated leather seats when you smell like shit.
It amplifies it 20 fold, and in a small car it is bad bad news.

There...don't tell me I have never taught you anything.



S said...

There will always be poop . . . and I hope you will always write about it. Did you hear me laughing? Sally

ali said...

Grey Nomad Times: online and on the road in RV or Caravan.

Mr.D said...

Lol smell + heat = bad. I've found out the hard way too. Good post. Followed