Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cooking to make my liver happy

My liver is killing me.  
Seriously.  I even copped out of riding the Motorcyle to Denver to do more drinking with friends this afternoon just to give it a rest. 
 I hope it thanks me.  
I started my weekend hanging out with my friend Kris.  We began knitting at 9 am, which did not include drinking, although at that point I wished it had.  Later in the day we ended up at Oskar Blues to do more knitting and let the girls hang out in the play area, while we did some more drinking.  Then the men joined us which meant more drinking and food…then home, only to start all over the next mid morning.  We headed to Grimm Brothers Brewery, drank and knit…the men talked motorcycles, then when we were done there we headed to Kris's house to sit outside with the fire pit, let the girls play and do, yes you got it, more drinking.   Today we were to go to Denver to see some friends and drink some more, but I stayed home to cook.  Sheeeewwwww.   I had to, I just couldn't drink another drop, until later at least.
I cooked today.  I made stew for Bobby, enough to eat and one batch to freeze.
 the batter was so thick!  then Olive sprinkled the brown sugar on top
 Kid's ate the leftover batter, gross
 Wilma enjoyed them
Ilin gave them the thumbs up

so go check out that recipe.
Now I'm making veggie pot pies, gonna do my p90x and knit some more

have a great fall day!


Queen of the Trailer Park said...

Gonna try the muffins...was going to make apple dumplings with the apples I have, but this recipe doesn't involve a crust and/or a rolling pin : )

Hassan said...

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