Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The costumes are started

As you may or may not remember, last year I threw together the Deadmau5 head for Ilin Blue.  Since Ilin is getting a bit older, this year, he is in charge of his own and Olive gets the creation. ( Although I feel the Princess Lea was pretty good last year too.)
I definitely lack in the parenting department…but for what I lack there, I like to think I make up in Halloween costumes and Xmas decor…and cursing.

I started last night on the Power Puff Girl Bubbles.

Step 1: go to neighbors and get all recycled Newspaper, you will need a lot
Step 2: Rip, or cut, into strips.
step 3:  make paste….1 C. white flour, 2 cups water (or until right consistency)

I had a hard time finding a beach ball…so Ilin had the idea to use a big balloon.
it must be bigger than the kid's head.

start the process.  You want to stabilize the balloon on a big bowl.  make sure you have an area where you can clean up easily.  It's messy.   This is the first layer.  You have to let the layers dry of you will have a nasty mess.  It always takes longer for it to dry then you think, especially if it is a bit chilly.
Layer one done…about 10 more layers to do.

I'll keep ya posted.
I'm praying it works…because there is nothing like a a Halloween costume which goes awry 3 days before the big day


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