Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I do what I have to do...


Here's what I did today.
I came home from work at 8 am, slept...then thought
I thought long and hard, and made a decision that I thought I would have liked to have happened when I was 15.
So, when Blue came home from school.  I took him to Floyds to get a haircut, which one I don't know, because for 25 dollars they really didn't cut much of anything...but whatever
Then to Target....
then I took this kid:

To Planned Parenthood....unbeknownst (sp?)
 to him.
He didn't act freaked or surprised, really.
We walked around the glass to the counter, where there was this adorable 20 something girl working.
"Hi, can I help you?"
"Yup, I'm bringing my son in here so he knows where his options are...if need be"

"Oh cool...well, right there to your left are condoms...free or donation....we can help with anything that you need...and there are a bunch of pamphlets on the wall...and there are some pamphlets about how to talk to your teens about sex....but I think you might have that one covered"  (big grin from her).

"yeah, Thank you   .....Blue, here are the condoms, not that you need these or will need them EVER, but if one of your "friends" may need one, or you guys have an issue you can come here, and they will help you, you know, if you are a bit confused...or whatever.   Buying condoms at the Walgreens is sometimes nerve wracking...so here, please be safe when you need to be."

He didn't get any, but he looked at the lady and said thanks...looked around, got his bearings and I could tell he was taking mental notes.
We got in the car and I said,"Just so you know there is another place to go, if you can't talk to me...but you can always talk to me.

"Thanks mom, it's cool"

I wish to God, my parents had given me more than trial and error when I was his age.

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Anonymous said...

You obviously ROCK as a parent. Bravo!