Saturday, October 29, 2011

Powpuff Girl…Bubbles, Halloween

The head was finished with about 6 layers of plain ol paper mache, then left to dry for a few days.
We primed it with tacky primer (grey).
I then got acrylic paints to start the painting.
The "flesh color" (who's flesh, huh?)
was not right, so I had to go out and get some diferent colors.

 and painted
 then got Daddoo to do some painting ….
 oooh now whe is looking like something….
 I thiught we should do the angry Bubbles, but the smile was cute!
 Mommy got the ears on…they are flat, but worked perfect.  (held on with Popscicle sticks)
Let's try it on!!!
(we drilled little holes then put screen over it and painted it for the eyes)
Worked ok… should have done the eyes first.

Go Olive…errr I mean Bubbles!

And as our frined Chris said, Hopefully she won't stand to close to any kid who might think she is a Pinata.

happy halloween!


Anonymous said...

That rules!!! Incredible work!

mary said...


S.T.M. said...

So great!!!