Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What a Good Day, knit, run, falldown

Today was late start at school, which I forgot so I was screaming at 730,  " Get Up!!! GEt UP!!!!"
Only to hear Olive go, "Mom, Its late start."
Oh, ok go back to sleep
 which I did, but apparently they could not, so they were up clanking around the house.

I got a workout in, went out to walk all the kids to school and there was a MOM!!!!  Joan, from Joan and Bill, who live a few blocks over.  She said, "hey, I'll ride with the kids this morning since I never get to."  
Well OK...sweet.  
You see, it's kind of a thing in our neighborhood since they took our crossing guard away.  We take turns walking the kids to the big intersection, crossing the street, then letting them go.  Whichever parent has the most guilt or most free time is the one who does it.  Which puts me in the lead in both categories.  But not today, I got a break !

I tld you guys about falling while running a few days ago right?  The picture does not capture the purple on my chicken sticks they really look like 12 year old's legs.
Man they hurt.  I didn't even put my flipping hands down....Although I did try to do a shoulder roll, but the train tracks were not condusive to a roll, so it was a smack and a skid.

I am still working on this great knitting shawl called Vlad.  I'm hoping to finish it this century, then I can get my friend Kris B to help me block it.

Here's what I got:

here's what it should look like when done:

I'm starting to have my doubts.
Well, I'm on a roll, so I better keep it moving and try to stay away from crawling back into bed, since that has been my MO lately
miss you guys...


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