Tuesday, November 8, 2011

household teen emergency

Poor Poor Bubba.
High school and hair dye are killing him.
He has yet to realize I tell him things out of experience, not because I want to hear my own high pitched voice.  I had told him previously his tender pasty white scalp will not handle black hair dye, especially if one of his ding dong friends dyes it for him.  
But did he listen?  
guess….just go ahead and guess what has happened….

His hair has fallen out in big chunks.
I feel bad, yet I want to say, " Seeeeeee, I told you so."  But as a mature parent I am not allowed to do that.
Today we will be cutting all his hair off.  So the big bald spots won't show as much.
Hair is a big deal in 8th grade, so not sure if he will actually survive this ordeal.  
I wish I could take a picture of his bald spots.  maybe I can sneek in while he is sleeping?
He is home in bed "sick"

I wish I had something funny to say about this.
but I dont


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Erin said...

What the hell did he put on his head? I dye my hair all the time and have never experienced that! Poor kiddo!