Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NLC "next level challenge"….

Its been almost a month since I began the NLC challenge.  Trying to eat clean and get rid of this doughy chub.  I started a little bit later than some of the ladies, But It's helping me stay motivated.  
Working nights is the one thing which slows down my schedule.   I just really can't do anything the day before or after.  I've herad it's quite common.  
Here are a few accomplishments I have made:
Joined the rec center, and am using free weights along with home videos and cardio.
quit drinking,… much.
Eating clean, 90% of the time.  I did have an ice cream sunday pop tart washed down with a beer the other day…but I was having my period!

I don't have any good pics to post.  maybe soon.
added….here I took one of the Egg Cups from a Clean Eating Recipie
The shrinking lady

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