Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Bubba's lab results came back unremarkable, unremarkable.  
It sucks not having an answer.  As with life, there are often NO answers to what appears to be a simple problem.  So, if any of you fellow blog readers have lost your hair in big clumps, can you let us know what to do.  They gave him some steroid cream to help regrowth, but in the interim he is bitchy and depressed…and I can't say that I blame him.

On a more remarkable note.   I have been starting my holiday gifts.  I still have a few I need to send out for a FB challenge of homemade in one year.  That was started at the beginning of the year and I have of course waited til the end!
I am making PJ's for the household.  Easy Lounge Pants for the guys and a Nightey for O.  I'll post when done.

I have made the commitment to buy homemade and USA.  As much as I LOOOOVE Target, just look at every tag: Made in China.   I just can't do it.   I want to buy USA, so that is what I'm doing.

I'm off to workout…then to make PJS and shop Etsy….and hopefully get some Knitting in
Let me know what you are buying for the holidays!

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Lapetitemort said...

No one answered mine on FaceBook. I was going to randomly send out some to folks and haven't.
I'm handmaking or buying gift cards for smaller/local places for people.
You know, I've been doing that alot lately too, looking at where things were made. Surprisingly, we had to get a new litter box for the ferrets and it was made in the USA! (at stupid WallyWorld). When I have been buying clothes at the thrift store, many have tags made in the USA. I'll have to start looking up and see if those companies are still in business!