Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Alopecia Sucks

Well we just got back from the check up with the Dr.  After going to a worthless Dermatologist we are back to no answers and I guess that is where it will stand.
It's getting worse.
It just falls out by the root.

He has started on Steroid Cream, and I made sure to tell him not to put the cream in his nether regions, even if he is trying to grow hair.

Dr said his puberty will be delayed until he gains weight…so to keep trying…try to eat, more, eat, more...
It's kind of ironic how as moms we always want to keep are kids babies, or at that perfect age, now I just want him to eat, grow and get past this crap.
The school has been allowing the hats…amazingly enough.
If he was a girl we could do fancy scarves or groovy afro wigs, but that won't fly for a 14 yr old boy...

 top front of head…right in the front!   
 top crown…I think Ronco would help with this.
back…but just one side, the other side is the same…smooth as a babies ass.

The Dr. gave us great hope….50% chance it will grow back…50% chance every bit will fall out…
glass half full, of steroid foam….i guess

12 weeks then we head to Children's hospital for a little bit of help.
On a good note they ran every lab possible and they were all good…even his vit. B.

I know, many kids have it way worse…you know his sister had Leukemia…maybe that is why he is underwhelmed at the fact he may loose his hair.  
Maybe he is so awesome he just figures….
What the hell….high school sucks all ready, what else could happen.

Unless they pull that hat off his head in the hall.

at least he is breathing…that I am thankful for.



k said...

I still think The school - maybe a health class - if they still have those - needs to explain to the students about alopecia. The girl I know here has 2 children with it - their hair fell out when they were in grade school, and the son now holds assemblies to explain to the students. Funny part of it, she is a hair stylist..

Queen of the Trailer Park said...

Why does all the really shitty, unexplainable stuff happen to the best kids?! Sorry Ilin : (

S.T.M. said...