Saturday, December 31, 2011

Don't let the door hit you in the....

I'm a little nervous to see what 2012 will bring me.
 I'm always one for change, yet this year I feel hesitant, and slightly - well, afraid.
 Is it age? 
 No,that can't be it.... I have that shit every year.
That surely can't be it.

I guess I can sit back and see what happens, but honestly, my type A personality is not super patient or one to relax and "just see".
I haven't thought much of goals because last year ,
if you look, I did not complete any of those.
I did not learn a new language while getting laid with my thin new hips.
Damn those resolutions.

This year….
Maybe I'll go for speaking Pig Latin while eating Ho-Hos off my big belly while laying in bed.
I think I may be able to make that happen.
That's a resolution I get get behind….or better yet
on top of.

May you ring in the New Year the way you hope it to be.
I'll see ya tomorrow, bright  and early…
ready to take this bad bitch on.


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