Saturday, December 3, 2011

Santa Tea and Deer Run

It's Saturday, and it snowed.  Its divine, yet oh so cold.

It made me think about the Holidays we shared years ago.  The entire family on Deer Run.  Together, divorced, shunned and loved.  It didn't matter, we were all there.
The kids played like no other day.
The house had a rope swing from the top of the basement stairs which swung directly into the laundry area, and if you did it just right... you wouldn't hit the pole directly in the middle of the basement.
A trampoline which could apparently hold 50+ kids.
I don't remember ever getting hurt, and even if you did, the "adults" were drinking "eggnog and Hot Toddies" and were never to be disturbed unless a limb was missing.
We played kick the can…and hide and seek.
We slid down the stairs on old quilts and cardboard boxes piled 3 kids high.
(we did often get hurt doing this, but never said anything)
We never watched TV…
we didn't play video games
We looked at the "corkboard wall of pictures" on the second floor.
We peeked into adult rooms and sometimes used the potty that wasn't for kids.
We tried to read Babaar and Madeline in French 
(always convienently placed on the bottom shelf of the never ending book shelf)
we sometimes read MAD magazine, while warming up…
then headed right back out for snowball fights and hikes in the woods.
I have a fond memory of the boys building a sledding ramp which hopped the street until a semi sober adult realized it wasn't the best idea.

Deer Run…
the street memories were made of.
I wish I could have grown to experience it as an adult…
with my kids playing in the yard with family galore.

dream a little dream

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