Sunday, January 29, 2012

Alopecia ok

for those who were wondering….he's doing ok.
He opted to shave it.
You can see see the dramatic hair loss on the back of his head but he seems a bit more confidant.
Meredith and Ilin…she made it all better…well mostly better
She managed to make the hair on the top gently cover the bald spots there.

It's a start in the bravery department.
He said to me right after the haircut, "Mom I won't have to wear a hat in weight lifting"
No kid, you won't.

Life is hard…lets not make it any harder.

No medications he has decided.
He's just gonna ride it out.
Chalk it up in the 
"this sucks category"
and move on

xo, m

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S.T.M. said...

He looks great! What a doll!