Monday, January 30, 2012

Family Vacation

the family vacation.  
The bain of my existance.
Do we need it? is it oh so important?
I have contemplated this thought many times and the only answer I can come up with is YES.   I need it.  I need it to feel like a human and to feel as if the work I do gives me something in return.
Every year in January I begin trying to figure out my vacation.
Something the kids will halfway enjoy, which they never do, and something I can actually enjoy and feel a little relaxation/luxury.
I like water, I like rivers, I like beach, I like beer, and I like cheap.
The combo is not so easy to find.
This year, if I can't find a cabin. I am going to fix my little trailer, no matter the cost, and use it!

I will rent a car every weekend if I have to and go somewhere and just sit.  
I will take up fly fishing

 and and rediscover reading. 
 The kids will go with me whether they like it or not.
Bobby can do what he wants because we wont be far away. 

Its on my list…
Mark my cotton pickin words
(words cant pick cotton)


Lapetitemort said...

I so want another camper.
We tent camp every year with the dogs - no electricity, no running water (except the natural kind) - but there's always lots of booze.

I like your plan

Queen of the Trailer Park said...

LOVE the camper! I want to get something like that I could actually tow problem would be storing the bad boy : (
You will find your place, the kids (and you) will have a great time and Bobby will probably go too (and have a great time)...just throw out some good microbrew every 25 miles or so...better than breadcrumbs ; )

Douglas said...

You would be an excellent fly-tyer. This is the most cathartic thing that you could do!