Friday, January 6, 2012

Hair today, Gone tomorrow…alopecia for a teen boy

I had the talk tonight with Ilin about his alopecia again. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, "So, are you telling me my hair probably won't grow back?".
I feel selfish asking why this had to happen to such an awesome kid. He's healthy, smart, and alive...but as a mom it still breaks my heart.
Everyday after he has left for school I wander into his bathroom and wipe up the hair...I wipe it from the sink, the toilet seat, the floor, the soap and pull it from the drain. I don't want him to have to do it. His little sister grumbles and wipes it from the sink in the morning, after she brushes her teeth. " Is it ever going to stop, Mom?" " Probably not, Olive...just be kind, and wipe it up for him"
In any other situation I'm sure I would think it was gross. But not with him. 4 months ago he had a head of gorgeous thick hair. Now strands and baldness.
I try to think of funny things to tell him. Like: wait til the zombie are gonna look least you won't have that crazy ear hair. He smiles and laughs, but I can see the pain in his eyes. He doesn't understand.
He told me he will just stay in all summer.
Oh no you wont's not an option. We have to figure out how we are going to tell people.
We have to....
Its just a bump in the's only hair....

this is the change in one month.
you can see the top also from this picture although that is not what we were aiming at

Today he has weight lifting and he was running around looking for a baseball hat.
which we didn't have.
He was stressed, I was stressed and his sister was yelping for her breakfast.

I asked him straight up, "do you want me to call the counselor, so you have some one to talk to?"
he shrugged…
"do you want me to call….just say the word and I will"
with one little tear he said,

I said,"look Bubba, its gonna get better, it will…because really it will either get better…or you will get used to it…which equals about better"

Boy, that is some fine advice from the adult int he family huh?  
lets hope no one was filming that moment.



k said...

He should come and stay with me this summer. And I can't believe you can't get into the Children's. Or was that for an earlier than scheduled appt.

Lapetitemort said...

This does suck, royally.