Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ikea Hack…Tutu for American Girl Doll

So simple.
I was cleaning up the sewing room and getting rid of leftover fabric that I felt was unusable.  It's like purging the ol stash.
When I got to the bottoms I cut off of the Ikea Curtain Panels (who knows why I saved them)
I thought…this is perfect tutu material.
Not enough for me, but maybe the Kit doll or the new sock monkey?
You need:
small piece of elastic band to fit around Doll's waist.
Leftover shiny tutu fabric (any fabric would look cute with this)
cutting board and slicer (you can use scissors)
time to knot a billion strips

I didn't measure anything short of using the ruler to slice the strips.

measure the elastic to fit doll's waist
stitich it together on machine, or by hand.
make sure it is sewn sturdily….kids are tough on this stuff
Start slicing 1" strips from fabric and you want to have it long enough to fold and make a slip knot around the elastic.
I folded mine before I cut it (see pic) so that it didn't take as long to cut, because I'm lazy.
 After slicing a bunch of 1" strips (any size that works for you, works for Kit…we found she's not too picky)
have your kid fold them in half.
Take each ribbon and tuck it over the elastic and through the middle like a Cow knot or Lark's head knot 
do that a billion times neatly around the elastic, making a wonderful little tutu.  Makes you want one for your self if your waist wasn't so big, huh?
I had Olive help me as much as possible.
 I then trimmed all the ends evenly.

an no …we do have heat ,this is ust how the monster dresses everyday, regardless of temperature.

have fun…and now that you are all done, treat yourself to a beer.


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