Wednesday, January 4, 2012

man arms?

Oh lord…
Im not sure if this is what I had in mind when I started to work out and weight lift.  Maybe I thought I would be rockin Madonna arms…You know the kind, Lean and Strong?…
The kind they post on the front of tabloid magazines and the captions says "starving to death?"…
The kind where your significant other, whom you at one time were trying to impress then said  'fuck it , I'm doing it for myself and so other people will say' , "holy shit…what happened to your arms?"
like this:
but not so drastic….

Too me it's is gross, but sexy strong…
and I'm at that age where I'm gross anyways. 
 Middle aged, married woman with kids, who no one looks at any more…Almost like you are invisible.  So what do I care?  I want to look in the mirror and say ,"holy macaroni…I'm going naked today…or if not naked I'm rockin the sleeveless mom smock."
  I'm done with lunch lady arms.  finito…. finished….adios swayin in the wind, arms!
Back to topic.  
So, I thought I could pull this off with my new "Live Fit" training program.
Ummm…it's working, but in a strange way,a way that apparently would only happen to me.
my arms are starting to look like this:

Not that these are bad arms 
and they surely surpass the lunch lady arms…but come on…even these things are gonna be hard to rock in a sleeve less lil black dress for my reunion.
Why does this shit happen to me?  
chin hair?
large features…
now Arnold Arms
It's a start…
I'll be baaack

write ya later

PS…now if you hop on over to Lepetite Jen's Blog
you will see what I was hoping for…
slim and tiny…
She will be competing in March I believe.

I'm so proud of her.

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Lapetitemort said...

Awww, you're too sweet!
Yours will look like mine! It's just I'm losing half a percent body fat per week right now, so ya know. I have to build mine up though so that they can be seen!
I think yours are looking awesome!