Monday, February 6, 2012

Kit's Tie dye shirt

This week we made sweet Kit a Tie Dye Tshirt using Liberty Jane's free patterns
Bobby keeps telling me I should just buy myself a doll.

I have always loived to sew, but I like projects that are fast.  I don't want to sit around sewing an adult sized 3 layer coat…It takes too long and I get irritated.
That's why Kit is perfect…and babies, but I'm not having anymore babies.

I used an old tshirt from Olive's drawer.
Used the Liberty Jane FREE pattern for the AG Tshirt.
(you have to sign up)
Sewed it up
It's not perfect by any means, but it only took about 20 minutes!
Then, because the shirt looked a little ratty, we got the left over Tie Dye from under the sink and did a quick job.  Actually Daddy did the Tie Dye, too messy for me~
Next day, we put it out to dry,and there you have it.

Now I'm making her jeans because she needs some goin' out duds.

She has them for every type of doll and once you get a basic cut out, you can adapt it to everything!

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Zubair_Khan said...

Yeah, some times children can do better than us, tie dye shirts are the name of perfect combination of colors. Color management is every thing in this art. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea with us.