Thursday, March 1, 2012

Baby Worries? Lighten Up

My niece is having another baby.  Baby number 2. We are very excited….
 Here are her worries:
Old crib, from maybe 3-4 years ago.  Crib will slide open lock baby's head against the wall and kill baby….or the baby will somehow fall out and hit the floor.  
They make a lock fix for it, she does not trust it.
I understand the worries of motherhood.  But mostly of gangsters, shootings, bad grades, heart break and embarrasement.  Never once did I worry my kids would fall from the crib.  
Oh, don't get me wrong…they fell from the crib.  
Hell, Ilin's bottom of his crib fell right out one time.

They also did things like stack the million stuffed animals we used to place in the crib and crawl over the railing and land head first on the floor.  Guess what?  they miraculously lived.  
Yes a miracle huh?

We had cribs in our family for 25 years… 
We had cribs that rocked and if you stood to close to the edge or placed the baby not in the center, it tilted. Did we panic and go buy another $500 crib?  naaaaa, we just pushed that bad boy against the wall, maybe placed a chair in front of it and shut the door.  Guess what?   The kids lived.  Miracle huh?
 This is exactly what Olive slept in:
 She could bounce that thing and get it tpo move across the hardwood floor.
We think she was trying to get to the fridge…
How about this?

Probably made by Ikea
Looks safe enough to me

What I'm trying to say is most kids live past the crib years …and if you know a kid who died from a tragic crib accident , I'm sorry. 

Ps :
I also fed my kids starawberries, Peanut butter, eggs,…gave them people food as soon as they grabbed for it and you know what?….I put rollerskates on their feet that locked over their shoes without a helmet and told them to go play in the street.
Bad mom?  
or real mom?

My brothers lived, my sisters lived…
nieces and nephews….
crib worries?  
f@&k it.

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